Your bot will only run with an appropriate license. Your license will be made of your kabam-id (that is NOT your email - it's rather a 9 digit number) In order to get your kabam-id, you will need to use the bot once. It will extract it for you. After you extracted your id, you can test the bot 1 day for free. If you want to get more days afterwards, you will need to purchase your license.

The pricelist is as follows:

Prices (European - in €) are:
* First Use: 25€ Fee

  • 31 days: €50

Prices (U.S. - in $) are:
* First Use: 30$ Fee

  • 31 days: $55
The first-use fee needs to be paid only once and is for my effort of getting started with you (so it is for explanation etc).
You can pay with PayPal or if you want to save money, you can pay with Bitcoins (prefered).
You will get 10% DISCOUNT WITH BITCOINS + 10 extra free days on your first purchase! Additionally i will be able to assist you on how to get them.