Q: What payment methods do you offer?
A: I offer paypal and BTC

Q: Do i have to be afraid to get banned??
A: So far nobody ever got banned - but please don't tell the whole world what kind of tool you are using. People might not like it and submit a ticket to Gaea.

Q: I can't afford this bot anymore - but i still want to use it.
A: Please contact me to find a solution.

Q: May i even earn money with this bot?
A: Yes - contact me and i can offer you money for referring friends.

Q: Do i act illegal when using this bot?
A: No - but you ARE acting against Gaea's TOS. Please keep that in mind.

Q: I got a hell lot of good ideas for additional functions!
A: Please contact me and tell me about it. Feedback is allways appreciated.

Q: "Bot running" has a red light - does that mean my bot is broken?
A: No - it just means that there is no task currently running.

Q: I'm facing errors and i don't know what they mean.
A: Contact me with a screenshot and i will clearify.

Let me know if you have more questions!