Find more pleasure in this awesome game simply by outsourcing all the boring tasks!

This awesome bot can do the following tasks for you:
     ✔ cavern mining
     ✔ (elite) campaign farming
     ✔ wheel spinning
     ✔ premium event performing
     ✔ TaT
     ✔ city attacking / troops,ressources allocating
     ✔ find player coordinates
     ✔ (elite) alli boss farming
     ✔ item exchanging (click chests/items in inventory, exchange in sage tower, feed mounts etc)

All this can be done simultaneous!!!


And best is: while this bot is doing the hard work for you, you can just play and enjoy the game at the same time!
You will be able to use your PC/laptop for other stuff at the same time - it won't get blocked.

Attack Smaug every 2 seconds - train new troops every 5 seconds, spin the wheel every 2 seconds - be faster than any human and do all this stuff simultaneously!

The possibilites are limitless - up to your imagination!


In terms of security and privacy:

I will NEVER ever tell anyone infos about my customers. So you don't need to be afraid of anyone knowing that you're using this bot. Additionally, NO SINGLE customer of mine has ever been banned. So you also don't need to worry about this.


Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 - a cheap tab with Windows 10 is perfectly fine.